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Free download from Emika's piano based long player 'Klavirni'

'Dilo 12' is a track from Emika's new 'Klavirni LP', a piano music album inspired by a visit to her family home in Buckinghamshire and a reunion with her old favourite piano. It's being released on Emika's own Emika Records and uniquely, they're offering a copy of the score to the album to anyone who emails their reciept to Emika Records.

'Klavirni', is a simple and sincere album which at times sounds vulnerable - as you'd expect from a solo instrumental album from an electronic music producer. Emika shows her caliber on this release though - her virtuosic abilities shine through, with a shrewd use of refrain and crescendo that when combined with her execution of melody make for a gripping and emotive listen. Its an album that demands a concentrated and uninterrupted listen, though deserves no less!

'Dilo 12' is a sober and melancholic journey that sounds like it was taken straight from the score of Donnie Darko, it's a great example of how Emika manipulates and evokes emotion on the LP. Listen below:

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