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Fresh Kicks 91: Ehua

femme culture’s Ehua steps up with an hour of hypnotic gqom, bass and breaks as part of our Fresh Kicks series...

We first became aware of Ehua when we premiered her debut track ‘New Moon’ in September 2018. Released via our Best of British Breakthrough Label 2018, femme culture, the track was an atmospheric and percussive cut, which blazed a trail for her subsequent ‘Diplozoon’ EP in November.

Fusing elements of bass music, gqom, Hard Drum and house, the London-based Italian-Ivorian DJ/producer made an ambitious statement on that debut EP. With intricate rhythms, rousing samples and a keen sense of experimentalism, its four tracks showcased one of the most promising Hard Drum focussed producers in the UK, whose ear for infectious technicality has been blooming now for over a decade.

“I've been clubbing in London for the past ten years, as well as spending all my time around music producers”, she tells DJ Mag, describing her musical nascence and enduring love of genres like gqom. “Starting to make music myself came naturally. As for my percussive style – intricate drum patterns just blow my mind. I love rhythm, I love percussions and I'm going to learn to play the drums one day. That's certainly one of the things that made me become interested in gqom.

"I also wrote a lot about it on GRIOT, the online mag focusing on arts from Africa and its diaspora which I co-run, and on other music platforms," she adds. "I followed the evolution of gqom since it landed in Europe and I believe it has been the most groundbreaking and inspiring music innovations in recent years.”

With more gigs and music in the pipeline for 2019 (along with some soundtrack work, which she has dabbled in before), the future is looking bright for Ehua. As part of our Fresh Kicks mix series, she has stepped up with an hour of hypnotic gqom and bass rhythms, featuring tracks from the likes of Deena Abdelwahed, TSVI and femme culture founder Elkka, as well as several original cuts. Check it out below. 

Buy 'Diplozoom' from femme culture's Bandcamp.

Last track that blew your mind?
“TSVI's ‘Neutrino’”

Last film you watched?
“Sorry To Bother You”

Last DJ that blew your mind?
“DJ Lag”

Favourite album to relax to?
“Any Little Dragon album”

Favourite producer?
“Hard question. I'm gonna say... Mica Levi (among many others)”

What record is top of your wishlist?
“I'm very curious to hear Nkisi's debut album”

What's the best show you’ve played?
“I've enjoyed every single show so far, but playing in my hometown, Pisa (Italy), with the Nervous Horizon crew was truly amazing!”

Who would you most like to play b2b with?
“Deena Abdelwahed. She's an incredible artist and I love her DJ sets” 


Zuli - Akhtuboot (ft. Abyusif)
33EMYBW - Golem 
DJ Logic - Precision
DJ Plead - DVE
DJ Lag - Drumming
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - Tide
Da Soul Boyz - 12 play
TSVI - Hossam
Razzler Man - Renk Dread 2018
Ehua - New Moon
Elkka - One
Butti - One
TSVI - Inner Worlds
Lotic - Heterocetera
TSVI - Jinn
Deena Abdelwahed - Rabbouni
DJ Nervoso - KUIA
Murlo & Florentino - Come Back
Elheist - AMO
Populous feat. Ela Minus - Azul Oro
DJ Nervoso - AH AH
Lorenzo BITW - Sauvage
DJ Pausas & DJ Fofuxo - Taraxxo Exxelentt
Clap! Clap! - Kabwe Beats (Paranam Mix)
Kokoko! - Likolo

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Eoin Murray is DJ Mag's digital staff writer. You can follow him on Twitter @eoin_murraye