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First fruits of unlikely '11 11' collab see the light of day

The first track from '11 11', P. Diddy and Guy Gerber's eponymous collaborative album, has just been unveiled. As predicted, it isn't some sort of EDM or techno behemoth with Diddy brashly rhyming all over the top of it, but a haunting deep tech track more suited for after-hours parties.

Diddy does rap over the atmospheric synth-work, but it's more of an alt.rap affair. The 'chorus', if you can call it a chorus, is a vocodered Diddy intoning “In my heart, I'm scared” as ethereal voices coagulate around him.

Hear it here: 

Israeli DJ/producer Guy Gerber met Diddy a few years ago, when the US rapper was in the middle of throwing himself into the Ibiza scene — well before the EDM explosion. Influenced by Gerber's 'Late Bloomers' album, the hip-hop mogul invited Gerber to New York to talk about working together — and the two hit it off.

See Pete Tong interviewing the pair at IMS Engage in LA earlier this year here:

So what does the '11 11' refer to? “It’s about a date when a mystical gate is open and two worlds collide,” Gerber said recently. “It’s the beginning of the carnival. It’s the beginning of the end or the start of another dimension.”