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Christian Eede
22 March 2024, 17:27

Fundraiser launched for Balearic pioneer DJ Alfredo's medical needs

The 71-year-old suffered a stroke in 2021 and requires continued medical care

Fundraiser launched for Balearic pioneer DJ Alfredo's medical needs

A fundraising campaign has been launched via GoFundMe to help support medical care for Balearic pioneer and Ibiza mainstay DJ Alfredo.

The 71-year-old, real name Alfredo Fiorito, suffered a stroke in 2021 and has been cared for in a retirement home since, where he receives continued medical attention.

The fundraiser was launched by the person behind the persona Secret DJ in order to support both Alfredo and his son, Jaime Fiorito, to cover continued retirement and medical costs.

"Many of you already helped, but private healthcare is an ongoing cost," Secret DJ said in a note on GoFundMe. "Alfredo is well looked after, but for that to continue we need his friends to support his cause. Some will be used to help Alfredo live in more comfort. Some will be used to take him outside and get some air."

The fundraiser's current target is £30,000, and it sits shy of that by just under £4,000 at the time of writing. Secret DJ says a year in care costs around £12,000 so additional funds raised will be put towards future care.

Alfredo had previously been forced to set up a fundraising campaign in 2021 after his stroke meant that he was struggling with living costs as a result of not being able to work, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. A range of T-shirts were also put on sale at the time to help cover his living costs.

You can support the latest GoFundMe campaign here.