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April Clare Welsh
3 April 2024, 14:01

Ibiza's 125-year-old Teatro Pereyra to reopen as music venue

The new multi-arts space will be equipped with a Meyer Sound surround system and "state-of-the-art visual technology"

Teatro Pereyra

Ibiza's 125-year-old Teatro Pereyra is set to reopen as a music venue following a 16-year restoration process.

The historic building, built in 1899 and inspired by French architecture, has been revamped as a theatre and live music venue. The new multi-arts space will host international and local artists, cinema and performing arts and will also comprise a cocktail bar and lounge.

The original theatre design features hydraulic platforms and 256 movable seats in the orchestra area. The  upper area will now be equipped with a Meyer Sound surround system and "state-of-the-art visual technology" steered by composer and musician Nacho Cano, according to TasteTV.

“We intend to revive the traditional spirit of the theatre, serving as a communal space for both locals and visitors to mingle, allowing people from all walks of life to connect and indulge in a rich array of cultural and leisure pursuits," says Teatro Pereyra owner Pedro Matutes Barceló.

He continues: "Teatro Pereyra will meet the demand for an authentic and original venue befitting an establishment with 125 years of heritage. Furthermore, our prime location in the historic district, nestled at the foot of Ibiza’s ancient walls, adds to the charm.” 

In other Ibiza news, last month we reported that tourists arriving in Ibiza without proof of accommodation could be fined up to €10,000, according to a new rule set by Spanish authorities

In 2023, it was reported that local politicians in Ibiza were looking to introduce a ban on new holiday rentals to address the issue of soaring rents.