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The on-the-road diary of the world's top DJs treading the globe

While fun, a day in the life of a DJ can be both a trial and a test. Once the adrenaline of the main event has died down, there's the unlikely chance of beauty sleep, a trip to the airport and flight to god-knows-where next — usually in the company of strangers — then onto the next gig. It's a cycle envied by many, true, but that doesn't mean it's easy, or any less of a cultural headfuck.

For Mobilee boss Anja Schneider, recent gigs include Mexico, France and Romania, and then there is time required in the studio putting together robust tech funk numbers like her own 'Diagonal' (out now), as well as the marketing, promo-ing and mastering of label mates like Rodriguez Jnr and Sebo K and Ray Okpara. She's a very busy girl, indeed!

“One of my favorite clubs in the world is definitely Hardpop in Ciudad de Juarez. They have a bit of an obsession with Germany and the scene (which is kind of strange if you’re German), and this is very much reflected in their approach and logo! But the love you get there is outstanding. Still, there are also stark reminders that you are in a country where there are so many people dying in crime and drug wars. But quickly the people show you again so much love, and we’ve never encountered any problems.

“Finally we arrived in Monterrey in the north of Mexico, still without sleep and already at the bar in our hotel. It's 11am in the morning and it's a crime to sleep when you are in such a beautiful city with rooftops and cocktails, so we couldn’t help check out the city and nature and go for a walk. Finally at night and, after some proper tacos and clamato, we started to play for a new brand — Native Cult. After a long time trying, they finally managed to do a party in Monterrey with an amazing production and cool venue – keep an eye out for them!”

“Next it’s off to Paris to play the Mobilee stage at Marvellous Island. It was a really cool experience: they’d built a jungle in the middle of the city — wow! Unfortunately the sun hadn’t followed us from Mexico and there were some sound issues as the DJs before us had some problems with the neighbours, so there was a big compromise with the volume. Always a bit disheartening for a DJ. But even with these problems (and the cold!), we had an amazing time. We also had an official dancer at the Mobilee stage. I’m really glad no one got a picture of that, though!”

“Romania is always special and one of the countries where I’m really excited to visit. Everyone has an amazing knowledge of music, they are also very close and supportive of their homegrown artists like Raresh, Pepe Inspirecu, Rhadoo etc. I was invited to Midi Club in Cluj, the city which is close to the whole Dracula story and even the castle in Transylvania. A little stress on this one, and every DJ's nightmare and a first for me, there was not a Pioneer 2000 but a pair of fresh MK2’s with new needles but unfortunately no use to me as I’m playing mostly USB. I was so thankful, though, that a really helpful boy from the club managed to bring two Pioneer 2000s during my set.”

Mobilee Rooftop Session @ Le Friche, Marseille, France

“A Mobilee party means I’m back with the team and I was very happy to play with the newest Mobilee artist, Ray Okpara — the most funny and incredible person I know. He really has the groove, and I highly recommend you check him out. At the airport in Marseille the wind was blowing us away, which already smelled like trouble for a rooftop party, but the boys in Marseille already were on their toes and moved the party inside at Le Fringe Le Beu de May, and it felt like any Berlin crazy Sunday party which I’ll never forget. And just in case you forget — check out Ray Okpara, he’s the man, he’s the groove!”