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Arp Solina String ensemble Synth

"I already knew about the ARP Solina String Ensemble Synth, but never really suspected it to be all that essential. There are lots of cool string sounds out there, but then I heard it "live". Its character isn't in your face, but so unimaginably strong once you truly discover it.

“It’s impossible to resist the simply unlimited richness of its sound, I had to have it. It was near impossible to find one in good shape, though, until a friend of mine decided to sell his for about €400. I wanted it straight away, but apparently there was another candidate who was after it. Turned out to be my best friend Bobby E, my partner in Martians, so we decided to buy it together, and went for co-parenthood.

“I use it practically all the time as an instant 'track warmer'. It serves as a perfect melody carrier on most of my tracks. I actually prefer it over real strings. The modulation function is unequalled, and even though it basically just delivers one very characteristic sound — whether you use either the horns or string functions, or different combinations of both, it always very unselfishly seems to adjust its presence to the other sounds within the mix.

It's like a great actor — it automatically knows what the part requires, instinctively delivers the perfect performance and can handle any role you want it to play. I love it, and it loves me back. The most graceful and grateful synth I know. It's perfect. And it's mine, half of it, at least. Only the good notes."