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Moby is auctioning studio gear used on his biggest records: Watch

The gear was used on 'Go' and his most famous album 'Play'...

Moby is selling studio gear he used to make tracks like ‘Go’ and on his multi-platinum album ‘Play’. The gear, which includes the likes of Roland’s Juno-106, Jupiter-6 and Space Echo RE-201, Casio CZ1000 synth, Yamaha SY22 and SY85, Fender Precision bass guitar and a Moog Voyager XL, is being sold to raise funds for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The equipment is being sold through online marketplace and there’ll be over 100 pieces of gear for sale in total. 

“This is the equipment I've used to make all my records,” Moby said of the gear that will be available in the shop. “I have so much equipment and almost all of it has profound sentimental value to me, including synthesizers I started using in the 80's. But rather than keep it all in storage, I want to sell it for a good cause.”

You can take a look at all of Moby’s gear for sale here