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Moog announce new semi-modular synth: Watch

The Grandmother is a monophonic retro-styled synth…

Moog have announced a new monophonic semi-modular synth called Grandmother. Expected to retail for $999, the synth was leaked ahead of the annual Moogfest festival. Its retro colours mimic those of classic gear and features the classic Moog ladder as well as modules inspired by Moog's own backcatalogue. With two oscillators, two envelopes, arpeggiator, sequencer and built-in spring reverb, it looks like a flexible synth with patch points for modulation. 

Moogfest attendees can buy the synth on site for $899, everyone else will have to wait. Moog are no strangers to announcing new gear at their yearly event, with the Subharmonicon also making its way to market this year. For smaller budgets, Moog's official Minimoog iPad app was announced earlier this year.