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Declan McGlynn
7 December 2023, 13:53

Moog launches new bass synth plugin, Mariana

The new plug will be available on iOS and desktop

Moog’s new bass synth plugin Mariana on an iMac

Moog has launched a new official plugin called the Mariana, which is available now on both iPad and macOS.

The new bass synth features two layered synth engines that combine to create a powerful duophonic output. Each layer features two oscillators, with an extra sub-osc adding the oomph. Although the low end is mono, Mariana features stereo oscillators and crossover filter functionality to add more stereo information and interest to your bass sound. Two resonant Moog filters, and a third non-Moog filter designed for the sub-oscillators specifically, take care of tone shaping.

Mariana also features a wealth of modulation options, including three LFOs for keeping your sound moving, three envelopes for sound shaping, and two random generators per layer. There’s also an in-depth modulation editor to route sounds and signals around the plugin. Every parameter can be modulated via MIDI, MPE and virtual CV to integrate it with your hardware setup.

FX-wise, there’s the usual delay and chorus, with extra saturation effects like tube and overdrive, and a compressor keeps everything in control while you tweak your modulation and filter settings. 200 presets help you get started.

The plugin is available now on both iPad and macOS. You can find out more on the Moog website.

Moog Music recently cut manufacturing jobs from its Asheville plant following an acquisition by inMusic.