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Marissa Cetin
10 January 2023, 18:37

Early Moog modular synth models recreated by Munich’s Synth-Werk

The near-clones of the Moog 1p and 2g will come with a price tag of nearly €14,000 each

Early Moog modular synth models recreated by Munich’s Synth-Werk

Munich company Synth-Werk has made two modular synthesisers based on early Moog models. 

Synth-Werk, which specialises in near-identical recreations of classic synthesisers, has announced two new systems, the SW 1P-2022 and SW 2P-2022, modelled after the Moog 1p and 2p, respectively, Synthopia reports. Synth-Werk built the machines using the hand-assembly wiring and welding techniques employed at the New York Moog factory in the 1970s using sourced vintage componentry. 

The SW 1P-2022 takes the original 1969 model and adds the previously optional SW960 Sequencer. It features two cabinets, which can include three oscillators, with filters, reverb, generators, mixer and attenuator, as well as a control keyboard. The larger model inspired by the Moog 2p of the early '70s also has a keyboard and two cabinets, which can be fitted with up to five oscillators, plus filters, reverb, generators, attenuator, mixers and more. 

Both synthesisers are available to buy now. The SW 1P-2022 is priced at €13,700, while the SW 2P-2022 totals €13,950. Find more information on the Synth-Werk website.

In December, co-inventor of the original Moog synthesiser Herb Deutsch passed away at age 90.

Moog's iconic Minimoog Model D re-entered production in November 2022 for the first time since 1981.