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Nastia: "You have nothing if you don’t have a family and proper friends"

Nastia discusses club culture, home and family in a candid new interview...

In a brand new interview with Telekom Electronic Beats, Ukranian DJ and Propaganda Records boss, Nastia, has spoken about her relationship with clubbing culture and how, above all else, family and friendship remains far more important as far as she is concerned.

“I think that this whole clubbing culture has a very short [memory]...It’s not as important as sometimes people think,” she said. “I clearly understand… If I look back on how many gigs I did in my life for 13 years, what have I? … If I disappear, in two years no one will remember who I am, what is my name, what I did for the culture or my label or whatever.

“It’s so fake. It’s a proper illusion,” she added. “You have nothing if you don’t have a family and proper friends… This tour life is nothing….You can’t put it in your pocket.”

In the candid, honest interview, Nastia – real name Anastasia Topolskaia – spoke about the value she finds in still living in her home city of Kiev and the importance of staying strong and grounded in the immensely cut throat scene of electronic music. She also visits her favourite record store in Kiev and discusses her DJing technique and the quality of the music scene in her city.

Nastia is on the RESISTANCE bill at Ultra Music Festival Miami this month.

Watch her full interview with Electronic Beats here