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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
2 February 2023, 16:05

Young Berliners will receive €50 to go clubbing through new programme

Europe's nightlife capital continues to set precedents in terms of support for the scene

Young Berliners will receive €50 to go clubbing through new programme

Young people in Berlin are set to receive €50 to go out clubbing through a new cultural programme in the German capital. 

The Jungendkulturkarte is a pre-paid system for those aged between 18 and 23. The card can be used to cover entrance fees, and has been launched by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, and Kulturprojekte Berlin. Registration is required, along with proof of a Berlin address. Funds are valid at a range of cultural addresses, and participating clubs include Gretchen and Ritter Butzke. You can find full details of the initiative here

"Obviously, you can go to the opera or museum with Jungendkulturkarte but we have clear preferences," said the Berlin Club Commission via social media.

The scheme is designed to help get more people attending events at a time when the sector faces several threats. While famous for its music scenes, Berlin has not been immune to the combined crises of cost of living, impacting consumer spending power, and rocketing energy bills. Meanwhile, increasing land value and property development continue to add pressure. 

Since being unveiled, Jungendkulturkarte has been met with largely positive responses, although some have pointed to ways it could be improved. For example, raising the upper age limit due to a prevalence of venues that do not allow those under-21 inside, and using funds to specifically support those on low income at risk of being out-priced and excluded from culture. Others simply lamented the fact they recently turned 24. 

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