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A new Prince album is being released this September

Unreleased material from The Purple One coming this fall...

A new Prince album featuring previously unreleased material is being released 28th September via Warner Bros.

This past January, Troy Carter, who’s the official adviser of Prince’s estate and is also global head of creator services for Spotify, hinted at a treasure trove of “mind-blowing” unreleased Prince tracks that were said to be “coming soon.” 

Now, Carter and his company Atom Factory, the new caretakers of Prince’s estate, have announced plans for a new full-length Prince album this fall.

The source material from the new album will consist of new and long-lost findings from Prince’s infamous “Vault”, which is filled with decades’ worth of audiovisual items and artefacts including music, video footage, photos, personal notes and letters.

In an interview with Variety, Carter also hinted at the possibility of several future Prince projects like concert films and musicals.

Prince was famously known for guarding his music against online music and streaming platforms when he was alive. As of February 2017, his music has been available on Spotify and Apple Music and most other major digital retailers. In 2016, several classic Prince albums were reissued on cassette. That same year, his Paisley Park Estate was officially turned into a museum, in addition to the launch of the Prince Online Museum.

In recent news, Prince's toxicology report showed “exceedingly high” levels of the drug fentanyl in his blood and organs.

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