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Nicole Moudaber has remixed two Moby tracks for new EP

The remixes are of tracks from Moby's recent album 'Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt'...

The mighty Nicole Moudaber has put her spin on two recent Moby tracks for a new remix EP.

Titled 'Adoption', the mini-release features versions of 'Mere Anarchy' and 'Like A Motherless Child' from Moby's latest album 'Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt...'

Released via Moudaber's label Mood Records, the 12-inch hit shelves last week, but digital formats aren't available until Friday 5th October.

Equipped with a chilled-out vibe and infectious beat, Moudaber's take on Moby's work retains the electro master's relaxed feel while adding more inventive rhythms to the music.

The artwork for the release features headshots of both artists cut and pasted together in a psychedelic collage style.

Moudaber has been very active in 2018, playing dozens of shows in venues all around the world. 

Earlier this year, during a DJ Mag panel, Moudaber warned against the way VIP culture has negatively impacted clubbing, partiuclarly in Ibiza.

“It’s become really expensive,” the recent DJ Mag cover star said. “The kids can’t afford it. It’s turning into that rich and famous culture. This is not really a good thing for the island because it was built on different ideals which was more the spiritual egalitarianism that made Ibiza famous. I wouldn’t like to see that disappearing…”