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Tomu DJ releases ‘Bedroom DJ’ remixes EP ahead of ‘Crazy Trip’ album this week: Listen

The 12-track release features remixes by RITCHRD, Farsight, L1NH and more


Tomu DJ has dropped an EP of remixes of her recent single 'Bedroom DJ'. 

Released in June, 'Bedroom DJ' features Petty Getty and is taken from Tomu DJ's upcoming third album, 'Crazy Trip', which lands this Friday. Described as “femme-forward pop”, the single is a fitting introduction to the artist's incoming LP and her “most straightforward and club-oriented record so far.”

'Bedroom DJ Remixes' sees the Californian producer's latest track - and first since her critically-acclaimed 2022 album 'Half Moon Bay' - reworked by the likes of BIG J, RITCHRD, Farsight, L1NH and more. Stream it below.

'Crazy Trip' is set for release via NO BIAS on 11th August. Reflecting on the album, the Chinese-American producer  said: "This record was mostly produced around the same time as my first two albums. The way each project came together was a selection process of tracks that fit a certain message, with one or two newer tracks to tie the record together. For Half Moon Bay that was 'Half Moon', and on this new record it's 'Crazy Trip'."

"The name isn't about drugs or anything, moreso just a reflection on the craziness of life even in its more serene moments. I wanted to share my favorite tracks from the vault as I work on bettering myself and my sound."

"The artwork by RIP depicts my creative process, giving listeners context to both what they are hearing and whatever comes next," she added.