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Paul 'Trouble' Anderson fundraising campaign launched

The decade-spanning icon needs your support... 

A fundraising campaign has been launched in aid of legendary UK DJ Paul 'Trouble' Anderson. 

The London-born player has been a hero of the club scene since the 1970s, and is considered a pioneer of early electro, soul, hip hop, house, garage, funk, jazz, boogie and reggae— as several instalments of DJ Mag's pre-rave dance music history series, Greg Wilson's Discotheque Archives, will attest to. Sadly he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2011, but had been in remission for six years, during which time he helped raise money for associated charities. 

After feeling unwell over summer Anderson recently underwent an emergency operation when tumours were found in his brain and right lung. The nature of treatment now required means looking outside Britain's National Health Service, with most (if not all) of his forthcoming club dates expected to be cancelled as a result. The campaign, which went live in August, is looking to raise £30,000 for medical and other expenses, and has almost hit half that sum already. For full details, or to show support by contributing to the cause, head to the GoFundMe page