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A petition to remove Konstantin from the ADE line-up has gained over 500 signatures

The Black Madonna, Helena Hauff, the night mayor of Amsterdam and more have signed it so far...

Over 500 people have signed an online petition to have Konstantin removed from the ADE line-up.

Last year, the Giegling co-founder came under fire after making sexist remarks during an interview with German Magazine, Groove. In the interview, the Giegling co-founder was quoted as having said that he found it unfair how heavily women are promoted in the dance music industry and that women are not as good at DJing as men. Giegling were swiftly cut from the bill at London's Sunfall Festival among numerous other line-ups.

15 months on, The Black Madonna, Helena Hauff, the night mayor of Amsterdam Shamiro van der Geld, Discwoman, Octo Octa and Shanti Celeste are among the large list of names who have signed a petition titled ‘ADE - don’t welcome sexism, remove Konstantin from the line-ups’, which has been set up in order to call for the removal of the German DJ from three ADE parties in the Dutch capital next month.

It reads: "We - women, dancers, DJs, writers, bookers, activists and music-lovers - are tired of sexism in the electronic music industry."

The industry, coming together at ADE, has an opportunity to directly address the issue of sexism through booking practice," it continues. "One that is currently far from a 50/50 divide on line-ups and behind the scenes. Sexism is not a problem exclusive to this DJ, nor to the Giegling crew. Yet, the fact that they have failed to adequately address his views, and have continued to stand by him, should be taken seriously by everyone in our community: bookers, agents, promoters, audiences and other DJs alike.

Therefore: Konstantin should not be playing during ADE."

You can read and sign the petition here.