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Photos reveal Prince’s secret underground vault of unreleased music

The purple one’s estate says there is enough music to release an album every year for the next century...

Prince was unarguably one of pop's most prolific artists, and new photos have emerged giving an idea as to how much music was stored in the legend's underground vault, which few people, if any, will have heard. 

An artistic treasure trove has long been talked about. One year after the icon's tragic death in 2016, which has been linked to the drug fentanyl, an inventory of his assets was submitted to Carver County District Court. Amongst many things this included 67 gold bars to the value of almost $840,000, and a recording archive. 

A series of images have now been released showing endless piles of cassettes, videos, CDs and other media stored in the vault, which had to be drilled open— the star never shared the access code. The library within is thought large enough to produce a new Prince album every year for the next century, with a full-length release set to arrive via Warner Bros this autumn.

Take a look at the photos below.