Tech giant introduce new KUVO music recognition system to the world...

Pioneer are tackling an area of dance music culture that has often been ignored with their new KUVO system.

KUVO is many things to many people, but essentially it’s a way to unite clubbers with the best dance music, DJs and venues providing up to the minute updates on the choons that the DJs are playing — and much more. They're aiming to bring a community of dance music fans together by using the KUVO website and app.

However, KUVO isn’t just for clubbers, as it’s also an essential tool for clubs and the producers of dance music.

KUVO is a social network that connects the dance music community globally. Pioneer want to "transform the way clubbers, DJs and clubs connect with each other. Iconic clubs in locations including Ibiza, London, Los Angeles, Singapore, Dubai and Tokyo have already started to use KUVO, laying the foundations for a next generation club community", the company says.

KUVO is also part of the ‘Get played, get paid’ initiative of which Pioneer DJ is already collaborating with Richie Hawtin and his technology to identify what tracks are being played in the clubs. As a result they should be able to deliver accurate music data to collection societies in so far that the producers of the tracks will see a fair distribution of royalties — a revenue stream that is not fully explored as of yet.

Pioneer intended to extend the KUVO technology to work with all manufactures of DJ tech and not just their own Pioneer gear.

KUVO brings dance music fans live information about which DJs are playing and where, with real-time set lists and the ability to preview, ‘like’ and buy tracks all via the KUVO smartphone app and website. It will also deliver info on what’s happening in nearby clubs, helping clubbers and dance music fans to discover new music, DJs and venues.

Clubs can also get in on the action by installing a KUVO gateway box. Clubs will be able to provide real-time information about what’s playing in each of their rooms as and when it drops. The KUVO hardware connects to Pioneer CDJs and mixers in their DJ booths via Pro DJ Link LAN. DJs then simply play their set, and live track information will be sent from the booth, via Pioneer’s cloud server, to clubbers using the KUVO website and app.

Keep tuned to DJ Mag as we bring you more in-depth reviews on KUVO in the near future, but before that check out the video below for a what's what on this new exciting venture: