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Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
26 October 2023, 12:34

E1 installs Pioneer’s Track ID technology to help boost artist earnings

Direct Metadata Capture and Music Recognition systems are now in use at the London venue 

E1 DJ Monitor

London nightclub E1 has announced that technology to help identify tunes and artists played at the venue has been installed, helping creators to boost earnings.

The track ID system, KUVO powered by DJ Monitor, is integrated with the existing audio setup, and compiles data about what is played at each event. Crucially, this does not include who played specific pieces of music, so DJs choosing to keep selections anonymous can continue to do so.

The technology E1 is now using relies on two processes, including Direct Metadata Capture (DMC), which requires a Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 to read metadata stored in music files, which reveals who should be paid performance royalties. Meanwhile, Music Recognition Technology fills in the gaps by comparing specific audio levels of a recording to a huge database of source material, overcoming the obvious challenges posed when sets are played on vinyl. Currently, 90% of all music run through this system is successfully identified.

Producers lose millions of pounds in royalties every year. Read our feature breaking down what can be done about it here.

Last month it emerged that E1 is planning on constructing a new purpose-built venue next to its current home in Tower Hamlets as part of a wider redevelopment of the site.