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The new club contender?

Not content with dominating DJ booths all over the world Pioneer continue to march forward in their pursuit to be the number one brand when it comes to DJ Technology with the announcement that they are entering the Professional Audio Market with a top of the range club system to rival the likes of Void, Funktion One, and D&B Audio. The new range of speakers will be installed in a number of world-famous clubs in Ibiza and beyond, including a complete club re-fit, which Pioneer will be announcing in the forthcoming weeks. There are two new ranges.

Pioneer’s flagship speaker series are made up of the GS-WAVE series and XY series, the combination of which is versatile enough to suit a wide variety of club and venue instals. The GS-WAVE are designed with the dance floor in mind and offer sonic clarity and high SPL across the whole frequency range. In layman's terms are very loud!

The XY series is more compact in size but still delivering a massive sound. Designed for use as DJ booth monitors or as PA speakers in smaller rooms. The whole system is supported by Powersoft K-Series DSP amplifiers, which come with pre-set data to maximise the performance of the speakers.