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Premiere: Matt Karmil ‘Mods’

Matt Karmil steps up on Aus Music with his new EP, ‘Sourced’. ‘Mods’ is a cold, minimal and absorbing deep groove to get lost in…

Matt Karmil has been busy. Having released his fourth LP, ‘Will’, in April via Smalltown Supersound as well as the ‘Tell Me Why’ EP on Studio Barnus in March, the UK-born, Berlin-based producer has been typically prolific while maintaining the rich quality that has defined his back catalog.

In May, Karmil made his Aus music debut, featuring on Will Saul’s ‘Bugs’ EP with a remix of the title track. All grainy percussion, softly distorted and swelling synths and rusty groove it was a prime example of a producer at his best. It also marked a welcome return to headier groove after the more reserved, ambient textures of ‘Will’.

Now, he steps up on Aus with a full EP of his own. ‘Sourced’ is set for release on August 17th and finds Karmil applying his trademark smoky and introspective moods to four lush house cuts.

‘I Love It’ and ‘K.O.’ open the EP with a loopy, soulful house atmosphere while the closing title track is classic Karmil with its disintegrative beat and low, warm bass. ‘Mods’ – premiering below – is a cold, minimal deep groove with an altered, brief vocal cut and synth swell. Absorbing and introspective, it’s exactly the sort of track we’ve come to love from one of the UK’s most consistent producers.

Back in April, we caught up with Matt Karmil as part of our DJ Mag Podcast series to to talk ambience, influence and process. He also stepped up to deliver an all-vinyl mix of deep, mesmerising house and atmospheric rhythm. You check all that out here

Pre-order 'Sourced' here