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Exclusive first listen of The Waves & Us' beautifully subtle 'Missing Us'

Hotly-tipped new collaborative project The Waves & Us are gearing up for their first release on the acclaimed Wolf + Lamb imprint, and have kindly given DJ Mag readers a premiere of the B-side to their debut two-track EP.

The trio consists of Markus Nokolaus, Louis McGuire and modular/analogue wizardess Maayan Nidam — all established artists in their own right, and all with very different styles and approaches to music, which is what makes this collaboration so anticipated and special.

The creative prowess of all three individuals has led to the fabrication of an album which will follow up this EP, all made up of one-take recordings that capture the artistry and creative power of this group. Making the most of their improvisational abilities and forte in one-take recording, the singles will include alternative takes of album tracks, providing an insight into the fluctuations and unique live aspect of the group.

Listen to the track below: