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With Miller Genuine Draft

Over the next few weeks we’ll be profiling the Miller SoundClash finalists; getting to know the DJs who will be flying to Las Vegas to compete for a chance to play alongside Dannic at Drais! Today we are speaking with Peru's DJ Shushupe.

Hi Shushupe, please can you introduce yourself to the DJ Mag readers?

“I´m Ursula Talavera, AKA DJ Shushupe, from Lima-Perú.”

Where did your love of music first come from?

“I have loved music since I was a young child. My dad had lots of records, mainly latin music and salsa. My mother had more rock, funk & soul. I liked to look around their collections and love to dance. I loved music so much that I began to look for other genres and never stopped!”

How long have you been DJing?

“10 great years!”

Do you produce music also?

“Yes, I began to be interested in musical production around 2010. In 2014, I launched my first EP called ‘Indocumbia’ on Spanish label Folcore Records.”

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

“I have always been proud to be a girl in a scene where most DJs are men. And I lived this during the Miller SoundClash where, even though there were other girls, all of my battles where against guys, and I won! Winning the Miller Soundclash is definitely the highlight of my career and I´m most certainly looking forward to show my talent and skills to Vegas and, who knows, become a superstar DJ!”

Tell us about the success as a DJ you’ve had in your own country.

“I have managed to establish a name (Shushupe) throughout Peru. I’ve played in almost all regions, cities, clubs and Events of the local scene. For sure, thousands of people have partied till the lights went out.”

How does it feel to win your local Miller SoundClash competition? Tell us about your experience in the competition so far.

“It feels amazing to be the winner after several hard and fun battles with other DJs and to represent my country, for the first time, in Las Vegas. The competition was very exciting and hard from the beginning to the end. I shared scenario with other DJ friends and had a lot of fun with the people who, each battle, ended up voting for me. Throughout the whole competition, my fans, friends and family where always a huge support without whom I wouldn´t be here.”

How do you plan to stand out over the other DJs in Las Vegas?

“I will stand out by being myself and giving the people a powerful mix of my own ‘tropical bass’ style with ‘power house’, delivering a great party experience for all. I´m already preparing everyday listening to different tracks, selecting tracks and playing with my decks.”

What makes you unique compared to the other international finalists?

“I have an incomparable stage energy as my stage name “Shushupe”, which is the name of one of the most powerful and dangerous snakes of the Amazon with which I had an encounter and marked the beginning of my career. My music style mixes elements from the Amazon, tropical beats and even traditional amazon sounds mixed with electric beats which make me one of the pioneers of the Tropical bass sound in Perú.”

Las Vegas is the EDM capital of the USA, with major DJs playing every weekend. If you could meet and hang out with one of these DJs in Vegas, who would it be and why?

“I would choose Nervo since I consider that they have gained a strong name as DJs and producers. I admire their energy, presence and the dynamic between Mim and Liv on stage, as well as their explosive mixes. It would be very interesting to meet them and hang out with them to see how we could combine my tropical sounds with their superb energy.”

Who from dance music’s elite do you most respect and take inspiration from?

“Carl Cox is a DJ who I respect massively. He has so much experience as a DJ who comes from the 90s and is globally respected. I’ve seen him play several times in Peru and he´s an inspiration. His musical vision, technique, mixes and energy, project you to another dimension where you just can´t stop dancing. That´s something I try to do on every set.”

Tell us a bit about your home country - how is the electronic music scene where you are from?

“The scene in Peru has grown strongly during the past decades both in Lima and other regions. Each day, new promoters are investing in new events, festivals and gigs with local and international DJs. We have big festivals such as Creamfields, Life in Colors and, for the first time, Road to Ultra, gathering several thousand of music-lovers like me!”

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