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Margaret Dygas at Village Underground

Following a summer break, London's much loved techno promotion Rhythmatic returns on 6th September with a 'by day, by night, by morning' vinyl party featuring Margaret Dygas, Mara Trax (Vera & Maayam Nidam), Barac and Tobias Freund (live).

The Panorama Bar associate will play a three-hour set at Village Underground alongside label mates from Perlon, Ostgut Ton and Naural/Sunrise, who'll fill a 24-hour-long bill also including the likes of Damian Oh, Harry McCanna and Joseph Williams.

Supported by London street wear brand Nicce, we've got a batch of goodies to give away including VIP access, t-shirts and vinyl.

For a chance to win the following all you need to do is send the words RHYTHMATIC VIP COMPETITION to [email protected]...

2 x entries main party and after party
Tops from Rhythmatic
Vinyl from our guests
Backstage VIP access
Nicce merchandise — Tee and beanie

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