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Can't live withoutz

Sona Vabos’s new bouncy house cut ‘Slippin’' is out now on Riva Starr’s Snatch! Records. He also has a spanking new remix collaboration with house legends X-Press 2 which sees them team up to rework Bot’s 'Friday Pulse feat Robert Owens', out on Southern Fried Records now.

“They’re not the sexiest piece of kit in my studio but I definitely couldn’t live without my trusty headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50s. I know it’s not ideal to mix or master on headphones, but as I create a lot of tracks away from the studio, having a decent pair of headphones really reduces the number of changes you have to make when later mixing down on studio monitors.

“The ATH-M50s sit really comfortably on the head, have a well-defined mid-range, smooth bass and a pretty detailed sound, and at £200 they won’t break the bank.

“I’ll often use the M50s in unison with the Focusrite VRM monitoring system to double check mixes. The VRM system aims to model, in your headphones, the sound of your track, going through a number of classic monitors such as Yamaha’s NS 10 monitors or KRKs in different acoustic settings such as studio, bedroom or even coming out of a flat screen TV! Again, it’s no replacement for sitting in front of a pair of decent near field monitors, but it helps to make for a more honest mix when you’re on the go.”