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Surgeon: ‘My cats don’t like techno’

Pet peeves with the techno don...

Techno pioneer Surgeon has revealed his cats aren't fans of his music.

In a new interview with XLR8R, the techno producer was asked about the popular "cat shoutouts" segment on his Rinse FM radio show.

The regular feature involves Surgeon responding to requests for him to say hello to fans' feline friends live on air. He gives posthumous shoutouts to dead cats as well. 

In 2015, he told Juno Plus it was a "really nice way to connect" with fans. However, his own pets aren't quite as keen on Sturgeon's programme as others. When asked if he'd ever been invited to play at "any animal-related events", he said: "I don’t think techno would work well for those."

He went on to explain that his own cats "don’t like it" as "it makes them do that thing where they point their ears back." However, Surgeon said he still "really enjoyed the 'cat shoutouts.'"

He added, "It caught many people’s imagination and we all enjoyed playing along with the absurd game. I did actually have people ask me if it was some elaborate code, but it wasn’t."

Last year (2017), Surgeon discussed his new modular setup and how it means he can get a lot more creative that just using CDJs or Ableton.