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Learn how to make live synthesiser techno like Surgeon: Watch

Surgeon shows off his live techno setup...

Techno don Surgeon recently made the move to a more improvised live setup and admitted that he hasn't DJ'd in the usual sense since.

With the proliferation of soft synths and sample packs, many producers have decided to move towards modular setups as a creative approach to making electronic music.

In the video (below), Surgeon discusses his move away from Ableton live to his new modular setup, and reckons the sound quality and improvisation possibilities means he can get a lot more creative that just using CDJs or Ableton.

Initially, his new modular setup was for his home studio but he then decided to take it to the club and was so impressed with the sound quality he now uses his modular setup exclusively for his techno shows.

He's also found a way to travel with his compact setup without having to check it in, which means he's able to travel almost anywhere in the world with his pre-patched, miniature modular setup without the fear of baggage handlers breaking it by accident.  

Check out a detailed breakdown of his live setup below.

Via Electronic Beats

Surgeon live @ SchneidersLaden from HerrSchneider on Vimeo.