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Bandcamp launches new livestreaming platform for gigs and events

Artists and users can set the price of entry to ticketed streams

Bandcamp has launched Live, a new streaming platform for artists to stream ticketed events and shows. The new service lets users and artists charge any price for their streams, and Bandcamp will take 10% of the ticket price, which they’re waiving until March 31st 2021. 

Fans of an artist are automatically notified when an event is added to their page, and Bandcamp will also display any merch in your Bandcamp shop throughout the broadcast. There’s live chat for fans to communicate. There's no word yet on takedowns or copyright issues for DJ sets. 

Broadcasts are done via OBS or any other streaming platform or app – read our guide here on how to stream from your phone and laptop. Bandcamp has rolled the feature out to some artists already, but if you haven’t got the email yet and you want to get involved, you can request access and find out more about Bandcamp Live here.