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Teenage Engineering x IKEA: First pics of new collab revealed

The new party collection features new lights, speakers and turntables...

Teenage Engineering and IKEA have revealed more information about their new collaboration due next year. Teased earlier this year, the collab named 'FREKVENS' is focussed around creating a party at home, with a turntable, speakers and lights all designed by the Swedish company. Speaking to Ad Age, Teenage Engineering founder Jesper Kouthoofd said "I started thinking about how, a lot of Swedes, we go to Ikea when we have a party – to get candles, napkins. Maybe we could do something that's really affordable so people can buy a sound system, including a light show – a complete party."

Give the nature of IKEA, there'll be some self-assembly involved, but no doubt the party products will come in at a healthy price point. Check out more images below. 

IKEA x Teenage Engineering

IKEA x Teenage Engineering