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Declan McGlynn
22 November 2023, 15:41

Teenage Engineering launches K.O. II, a new synth, sampler and composer

The new unit is the next generation of the popular Pocket Operators

Teenage Engineering KO II

Teenage Engineering has announced a new synth, sampler and composer called the K.O. II, which is available to buy now.

The new unit from the Swedish musical instrument and accessories manufacturer resembles its popular Pocket Operators, with lots of extra features, a bigger screen and more I/O. Teenage Engineering call it the “next generation” of the company's micro machines.

The basic specs of the unit include 64MB of sample storage, a built-in microphone for sampling, a built-in speaker, 999 sample slots, a selection of drums, bass and keys samples, a built-in sequencer, six built-in FX, and MIDI and audio I/O round back. As is often the case with Teenage Engineering hardware, the specs don’t tell the full story, with a fun and colourful interface similar to the OP-1 also providing feedback for the user. 

Sounds and FX — including delay, reverb, distortion, chorus and compressor — can be triggered from the built-in pads, or users can hook up MIDI keyboards and play the full range of each sample, with velocity-sensitive keys. Sync can also be provided over MIDI and USB-C. Audio input for sampling and output are provided by a 3.5mm jack. The unit is powered by four AAA batteries or can be powered over USB-C. 

While the K.O. II might seem like a simple unit, the history of Teenage Engineering as a brand means you can guarantee there’ll be some fun surprises once you start playing with the unit. The Teenage Engineering K.O. II costs £299 and is available to buy now. Find out more on the Teenage Engineering website

Earlier this year, Teenage Engineering introduced a $1,500 field recorder called the TP-7.