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Declan McGlynn
15 February 2022, 12:59

Teenage Engineering introduces new affordable synth modules

The new units are part of their Pocket Operator Modular series

Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering has introduced some new affordable modules based on its Pocket Operator Modular series. The units, priced starting at £29, are individual parts from their previous affordable modular range that included self-assembly kits to keep the price down. 

The new modules consist of PCB boards with knobs so users are expected to provide their own power and casing, hence the low price. Additional panels are required to hook them up to a Eurorack system. It does mean however that they’re prime for DIY experimentation if you’re that way inclined. In fact, Teenage Engineering themselves posted a video of an oscillator module hooked up to a Lego system to create a siren. 

Watch the video below and visit their website to learn more about the new affordable modules.