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Teenage Engineering announces new version of much-loved OP-1 synth

The 10th anniversary version of the pocket calculator-inspired unit is "louder, thinner and 100 times better"

OP-1 synth

Teenage Engineering has announced a new version of their much-loved OP-1 synth. The new unit joins the recently launched mini mixer, the TX-6, as the latest product to be released as part of the Swedish boutique brand's new Field System line of products, which are "designed with portability, compatibility and durability in mind".

Built around four essential modules – synth, drum, tape and mixer – the reworked iteration of the pocket calculator-inspired synth, which was first launched at NAMM 2011 and heralded the arrival of Teenage Engineering, promises to be "louder, thinner and 100 times better". It's packed with 100 new features, including Bluetooth MIDI, a built-in FM radio transmitter, 24-hour battery life, a brand new Mother reverb, 20 new preset synth patches, and many more.

"Think of OP–1 field as the natural continuation of its predecessor," wrote Teenage Engineering. "Updated with the latest technology, improved design and finely tuned with professional musicians, recording artists and sound designers in mind. [It's] higher quality in all aspects, from its circuitry to connectivity and flexibility, it's tailor-made for professionals in the field".

Watch an intro video of the OP-1 below and find out more on the Teenage Engineering site here. However, it doesn't come cheap. The new unit is priced at an eye-watering £1,999.

Released at the start of the month, the TX-6 is a six-channel, battery-powered device controlled over USB-C with iOS hardware or through external MIDI devices. It's equipped with a synth, drum machine, sequencer, eight built-in effects – including reverb, delay, chorus, freeze, tape, filter and distortion – and an instrument tuner.

Earlier this year, the Swedish brand introduced a collection of new affordable modules based on its Pocket Operator Modular series, which start at £29.