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Tiësto asks what tracks Tomorrowland fans want to hear during the total lunar eclipse

Suggestions came flying in!

Dutch legend Tiësto has taken to Twitter to ask his fans what to play at Tomorrowland 2018 during the total lunar eclipse.

Scheduled to begin his set on the main stage at 9pm today (July 27), the pioneer will have to contend with a lack of natural lighting when a Blood Moon will be seen.

According to astrologers, the longest total lunar eclipse of the century will take place during the festival, peaking during Tiësto's headline slot at 10.21pm CET.

But what track would best soundtrack the moment? Fans were quick to let Tiësto know their thoughts and his Twitter request was inundated with replies. 

Perhaps the most popular suggestion was classic Tiësto hit 'Adagio For Strings', but other requests included 2014's melancholic single 'Red Lights', bombastic anthem 'Love Comes Again' and Sneaky Sound System collaboration 'I WIll Be Here'.

One respondent even suggested bringing electro house legend Hardwell out for their epic team-up 'Colors'. Released in 2015, the aptly-titled hit has racked up 3.7 million views on YouTube and could make for a suitably epic soundtrack to the eclipse.

According to reports, the Blood Moon will be most visible over the Eastern Hemisphere, including parts of Central Asia and Eastern Africa as well as Europe. That means Tomorrowland weekend two attendees will get front row seats to the action.