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Borgore does sit-ups, shouts out DJ Mag

Brostep prince, Borgore and hip-hop heavyweight Waka Flocka Flame have opened up to their fans via a Reddit Ask Me Anything session. 

In the opening shots, Borgore does sit-ups while explaining to Waka: "Me and Steve Aoki have a bet…" the rapper interjects jokingly and says: “Who is that?” referring to the Dim Mak Records label boss. The Israeli DJ and producer replies: "He’s very famous… he’s Number 8 on DJ Mag right now." Thanks for the plug.

Watch to find out what it is Borgore and Aoki have a bet on, what Justin Bieber has to do with the Borgore and Waka Flocka Flame collaboration "Wild Out." Waka also clears up comments about Miley Cyrus and Borgore lets the fans in on his technique for keeping the ladies waka flocking.


The Wild Out EP from Borgoreis available now on Dim Mak Records. Own it.