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With Miller Genuine Draft

Of all the surprising occurrences in this year’s Top 100 Clubs poll, one really stood out. Last week, our researchers alerted us to a mysterious club which received a flurry of late votes.

But it wasn’t the voting pattern that aroused our interest. Aqua, based in the scuba diving hotspot of Egypt, has a very unique selling point - it is the world’s first underwater club!

The venue is built on a sunken warship and has a legal capacity of 150 people - all of whom need scuba gear to enable them to move around the labyrinthine corridors of the old vessel, which is fully submerged.

Each scuba kit is specially customised to include high-definition personal monitors. Sound is wirelessly transmitted to the monitors from a DJ booth which sits above the water. The DJ in the booth can monitor the submerged clubbers reactions through video screens right in front of their console.

“We were originally a diving company” an employee divulged to DJ Mag when we reached out to them this week, “we wanted to create something unique for the clubbing world. Hopefully by raising awareness we can be the first underwater club in the Top 100 Clubs and we can begin to invite the world’s biggest DJs to play here.”

So what do you think? Would you go? Will it catch on? Or do you prefer to keep your clubbing dry? Let us know what you think of this unusual addition to clubland...