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You can now control VJ software directly from Denon DJ's Prime range: Watch

Users can now connect directly to SoundSwitch and Resolume from the Prime hardware…

Denon DJ have announced that their Prime range players are now compatible with SoundSwitch lighting software and the extremely popular VJ software Resolume. Used by huge festivals and touring DJs as well as amateur and small-scale VJs, Resolume can now be directly connected to Denon DJ's media players and mixer with a single Ethernet cable.

The software can then detect every fader and knob movement, button press and jog scratch and interpret the changes automatically, with the VJ team free to apply effects. 

The new compatibility means video clips and tracks can be loaded simultaneously and every movement can change how the video responds, without the need for an extra VJ controller or even a VJ team at all. Pioneer DJ launched a similar DMX box that controlled lighting from rekordbox dj, but this goes beyond lighting into the world of VJs and means that any DJ or performer that incorporates video won't be stuck to a fixed set, with the video always being relevant to the music even if nothing is pre-prepared.

A big more from Denon DJ who recently added a real vinyl platter to their SC5000 media player – always good to see so much innovation in the booth.