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Selections: FOQL

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Pointless Geometry's FOQL spotlights experimental electronic sounds from the Polish underground

“I am not really a DJ in a club way, more of a plunderphonist!” says Justyna Banaszczyk, aka FOQL, whose Selections feature a fascinating assemblage of experimental electronic sounds from Poland’s musical undergrowth. The artist and producer from Łódź has dedicated her life to these sounds, and the progressive artistic communities from which they stem: she is co-founder of the queer feminist collective, Oramics, as well as Poland’s first community radio station, Radio Kapitał. She also co-runs the Ignorantka venue in  Łódź, and the Pointless Geometry label, where she champions electroacoustic and club experiments from Poland and beyond with cassette albums, audiovisual projects and VHS releases. 

As an artist in her own right, Banaszczyk creates music that beats with the post-industrial heart of her hometown. On her new album, ‘WEHIKUŁ’, released via Elle Andrews & Jon K’s MAL label, synthesised drums rumble, writhe and throb with polyrhythmic abandon beneath bass contortions, melodic distortion and sparse, eerie whispers. Across eight tracks, strands of dub, techno, EBM and harsh noise converge in a symphony of deep, dark and physical music. 

Banaszczyk will give the album its live debut on 15th October at this year’s edition of Unsound in Kraków, where she will play alongside a huge line-up of international acts as well as some of the very best in Polish grassroots and experimental music. As a primer to some more of the music coming out of that scene, dive into FOQL’s Selections below. 

‘Blacephalon’ [Pointless Geometry]

“My opening choice on the list is very special because it is the upcoming release on Pointless Geometry by Ryterski – one of the most promising Polish contemporary composers actually! This track and the whole album is such a banger in every way. Bubblegum avant garde, insane sound design, and energy that’s out of this world. I love the whole concept of merging the two worlds together: underground music and academic electronic music into one sonic BOMB.”

jamaszka FT
‘Scyzoredge’ [DOM TROJGA]

“jamaszka FT is one of the most underrated producers in my opinion. His compositions are sparkling with ideas and the production is super juicy; everything has this weird almost mystic vibe.”

‘Dialekt’ [Brutality Garden]

“MONIKÉ is one of the many aliases of Robert Skrzyński, an experimental music scene veteran with countless releases on his bill. He has been working with cassette tapes, microsamples, prepared field recordings, feedback techniques etc. This is  a really intriguing sample-based collage of many influences.”

Jana Rush
‘groove 6’ [outlines]

“The outlines label run by Paweł Dunajko is always worth checking if you are looking for crazy polyrhythmic music and all the mutations of footwork, but also super minimalistic sounds. I also love the graphic designs of all the releases.”


“KRENZ is not only a hyper-talented producer, but is also synonymous with the jungle/breaks/bass revival among the younger generation of musicians and DJs in Poland. I Love it. The whole album is pure fire.”

‘3rd form (shewolf)’

“bakblivv is one of the most promising names on the Polish experimental, post-genre scene. Can't wait for more from him.”

Kevin Murf
‘All Inclusive’ [Grid]

“One more hidden gem is Murf. There’s leftfield, quirky, bubbly, pulsating gold on this fantastic EP.”

Ku Ku
‘Od nowa’ [Tańce]

“Adam Skrzypkowski aka Ku Ku is one of the most interesting sound designers right now. I enjoyed his EP for Tańce, especially the track ‘Od nowa’ ('from the start'). It’s a carefully crafted piece of sound. I would love to see him spreading his wings more.”

‘isolated point’ [Digital in Berlin]

“One more classically trained contemporary composer on the list is LOUFR aka Piotr Bednarczyk. Again, amazing, mind-blowing sound design and post-genre attitude. He has total control over the concept, and a really strong artistic voice.”

‘Primary Fluctuation’ [recognition]

“Last but not least, Ostrowski! His trademark is frivolous productions full of detail and movement and complex rhythm structures. Everything in bass heavy soup. Top!”