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Credit: Magnus Nordstrand

Selections: Kasra V

In this series, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, as he celebrates 10 years on NTS Radio, Kasra V spotlights timeless Italo, house, techno and prog

Kasra V celebrates 10 years on NTS Radio in June. To mark the milestone, which has seen Iranian-born, London-based DJ and producer broadcast from the station over 200 times, he is releasing a nine-track compilation featuring tracks from friends and former guests including Sepehr, Angel D'Lite, Kim Ann Foxman, Spray, Fantastic Man and Byron Yeates, as well as a collaborative track with Marie Malarie.

In his DJ Mag review of the compilation, which arrives on 14th June via Kasra’s new V-sion label, Isaac Muk wrote: “It’s difficult to understate how intertwined the stories of Kasra V and NTS Radio are. A decade ago he picked up a residency at the station, which he has held since. And just as NTS has ballooned into a global force, the DJ and producer has also blossomed fully into his own ‘90s-infused, yet future-facing club sound... There’s variation, but also focus, from Fantastic Man’s pumping prog opener ‘Neural filter’, to the warehouse rousing, Arabic-vocaled electro of 500SEC’s ‘Qadak’, while Angel D’lite steps up the urgency on ‘Candy Climax’. A decade down, ‘10:10’ is a worthy checkpoint — a chance to look back at all the dancefloors Kasra sets can evoke.”

It’s a beaming, wide-eyed vibe that speaks to the purest form of club euphoria, and a feeling he’s also conjured on his ‘Flood The Club’ and ‘Hyperdelic’ EPs for Sepehr’s Shaytoon Records and Byron Yeates’ Radiant Records. He channels it equally in his Selections, which span timeless italo, house and prog. Dive in below.

Pre-order 10​:​10 Kasra V presents 10 years on NTS Radio here. Revisit Marke Bieschke’s interview with Kasra V as part of DJ Mag’s feature spotlighting electronic artists from Iran and its diaspora here.

Alex Neri
‘The Wizard (Club Mix)’ [Rebirth Records]

“Timeless Italo house. I love how laid back and lush it is. If I had to show the feeling of summer to someone in a song, this would be it.”

Original Rockers
'Push Push (Dubweiser Mix)' [biggabush]

“A playful version of a certified classic. I've always been obsessed with the original version but have lately got really into this version as well.”

‘Sunday’ [London Records]

“Classic Orbital. This song just keeps building and building. I'm really into the cover as well :)”

Victor Calderone
‘Give It Up (The Genie Remix)’ [Eightball Records]

“Nothing beats this type of house music. Listen loud!”

Hannah Holland with Joy Joseph
‘She's Giving Cray’ [Super Rhythm Trax]

“New Hannah Holland, If you've seen me DJ in the past few months you've definitely heard this song. Love the tension in this song.”

‘Genesis Domain’ [Dekmantel]

“New Sepehr on Dekmantel. I've been playing this song for two years and It's not my secret anymore and I'm fine with that :)”

‘ACCELERATE’ [Primitive Productions]

“Unreleased RAC of early Warp fame now released. If you know, you know. The whole album is incredible.”


“2Psychick warriors of gaia from 1989! I'm really into the textures of this song, you can tell this was done in a take and has a feel of the moment.”

Hard Cops
‘Porte Bonheur (Remix)’ [Sub Culture Records]

“I love this song so much, check Hard Corps if you are not familiar with them. Amazing band from Brixton in the ‘80s.”

Tangerine Dream
‘Beauty Of The Blast’ [Purple Pyramid]

“My favourite tangerine dream song.”