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Premiere: :3LON ‘A.I.’

:3LON blends angelic vocals with classic jungle breaks on the opening track of their debut EP, ‘EDEN’

Photo of Elon Battle standing in a forest. They're wearing a leopard print hat and holding a tree branch in their hand

:3LON will release their debut EP, ‘EDEN’, this week. Listen to opening track ‘A.I.’ below.

The Baltimore singer-songwriter and producer’s first body of work is a five-track suite that meshes Afrofuturist avant-pop and R&B with glitching rave breaks and cosmic junglist eruptions. The project was introduced last year with the release of ‘Quantum Leaping’, a sumptuous blend of bass, breakbeats and :3LON’s emotive vocals. Last month, they released the similarly lush ‘Glossolalia’, which paired stuttering drums and gorgeous melodies with a velvety refrain that lingers on the mind.

‘A.I.’ is an attention-grabbing opener that balances :3LON’s angelic voice against moments of raw jungle maximalism. The contrast pays off, and sets the tone for the remainder of the EP, a sci-fi symphony set somewhere between the dancefloor and outer space. 

Speaking about the EP, :3LON said: “Eden is a world i conceptualized based around concepts of singularity and technological advancement. I wanted to elaborate on the types of scenarios that take place in a world where robot body mods are the everyday norm and we cohabitate with life beyond our solar system. We've made contact, We've manipulated the black matter.. now what?”

The EP was written and produced by :3LON, with mixing and mastering coming from Loric Sih, Soundsofpatrick, Air Max '97 and Bok Bok. Last week, a video for recent single, 'Yesterday', was also released. 

‘EDEN’ will be released on Thursday 1st June. Pre-order it here.