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Olivia Stock
27 March 2024, 12:15

Premiere: Avtomat ‘Tatuś Hula (Unholy Ukrainian)’

Warsaw-based imprint ZEJŚCIE unites 20 artists making waves in the Polish electronic scene on its debut compilation, ‘ZSC004’. Hear Avtomat’s ‘Tatuś Hula (Unholy Ukrainian)’ below

Photo of Avtomat performing behind the decks beneath a green light

A new bass-focused compilation spotlighting experimental Polish electronic music is arriving via Warsaw-based label, ZEJŚCIE. Have an exclusive first listen to Avtomat’s contribution ‘Tatuś Hula (Unholy Ukrainian)’ below. 

The 18-track collection – titled ‘ZSC004’ – features a cast of eminent Polish exports and breakthrough talents innovating across the bass music spectrum, from warped futurist soundscapes and half-tempo snappers through to groovy tech-infused floor-fillers.

Tańce affiliate Semprey taps into the syncopated rhythms and industrial atmospheres of the ZEJŚCIE imprint on his offering ‘Synonim’, whilst Krakow-based Olivia branches into colourful capillaries of EBM and techno on her first track of the year, ‘Fast Train’.

After more hybridised bass goodness from the likes of Kitty Sarcasm, Some Guest, Mount Terror, and more, Warsaw-based producer and multimedia artist Avtomat caps off the comp with their hypnotic mover, ‘Tatuś Hula’.

Featuring a sample from the Ukrainian interpolation of the queer hymn ‘Unholy’ (performed originally by Jerry Heil), the Ciężki Brokat crew member introduces a mesh of kinetic beats and sizzling technoid drums for maximum dancefloor devastation.

“In musical terms, the track is a bit out of character for me,” Avtomat shared of the track. “It’s a maximalist, noisy club cut walking a contrasting line between wobbly dubstep and fast-paced breaks.”

All the proceeds from his single will be donated to Outright International’s LGBTIQ Ukraine Emergency Fund. Check out the full compilation tracklist below.

‘ZSC004’ is out 28th March on ZEJŚCIE. Pre-order the compilation here, and have an exclusive first listen to Avtomat’s contribution ‘Tatuś Hula (Unholy Ukrainian)’ below.

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