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Eoin Murray
19 February 2024, 13:42

Premiere: Bertie ‘Carabiner (Ciel’s Reoriented Dub)’

Ciel puts a quick, percussive spin on Bertie’s ‘90s-inspired house anthem

Press shots of Bertie and Ciel side by side
Ciel photo credit: Dan Only

Ciel has remixed the title track of Naarm-based producer Bertie’s latest EP, ‘Carabiner’. Have an exclusive first listen to the Xi’an-born and Toronto-based artist’s ‘Reoriented Dub’ below. 

Released last week via the PHENOMENA label, Bertie’s four-track ‘Carabiner’ EP is a suite of ‘90s-influenced house anthems inspired by “the communities that make us feel understood, the movement of life and the movement of self, both physical and the mental, and the connections that occur when people and music come together.”

Ciel’s interpretation of the title track – named after the popular gadget used to connect two things together, which has become a sapphic symbol – builds on the radiant groove of the original. Upping the tempo, the producer – whose debut album ‘Homesick’ landed last year – introduces her trademark percussive flair into the mix, weaving in samples that thump, twirl and thwack around the track's addictive Korg M1-style organ bass. 

Ciel’s ‘Reoriented Dub’ remix of ‘Carabiner’ will be officially released this Friday (23rd February). You’ll be able to pick it  up from PHENOMENA’s Bandcamp.