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Premiere: Bimol ‘PKOTA’

Bogotá’s A Breaking Concept label launches with a 19-track celebration of old skool rave sounds

Premiere: Bimol ‘PKOTA’

A Breaking Concept, a new label based in Bogotá, Colombia, launches next week with release of ‘RAVE FACTORY V.A. I’. Listen to Bimol’s ‘PKOTA’ below. 

The label’s 19-track debut is a celebration of old skool rave sounds, taking in classic hardcore, breakbeat, techno, jungle and more. Hoover sounds, rave pianos, classic samples and speaker-shaking bass bursts abound on this release, which features tracks by artists from 17 cities across the globe, from Bogotá, Glasgow, Tbilisi and L.A. to Galway, Brighton, Berlín, Buenos Aires and beyond. 

The contribution from Bogotá duo Bimol encapsulates the vibe of the compilation perfectly, and is described by the label as “jungle turning into techno madness, energized by wicked breakbeat patterns and fulfilling melodies meant for the big room… A demonstration of true understanding through creativity and music that waves between the euphoric and the hectic.”

‘RAVE FACTORY V.A. I’ lands on 4th November. Pre-order it here