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Olivia Stock
2 October 2023, 14:37

Premiere: Binary Algorithms & Zvrra ‘Cycle B’

Bogotá-based producer Binary Algorithms joins forces with Chicago’s Zvrra for a trio of sharp-shooting techno jams on the former’s Furatena imprint

Left: Photo of Zvrra covering her face, Right: Photo of Binary Algorithms wearing a parka jacket pulled over his face

Binary Algorithms & Zvrra are linking up for a new EP, ‘Dissolved Cycles’, out later this month. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘Cycle B’ below.

Arriving via Binary Algorithms’ Furatena imprint, the three-tracker signals the Colombian label’s first foray into techno after a smattering of electro-focused projects released throughout 2021 and 2022.

On ‘Dissolved Cycles’, out 6th October, the Bogotá-based artist joins forces with Chicago producer and game developer Zvrra for a trio of sharp-shooting techno jams. Inspired in part by contemporary warfare and RPG shooters, ‘Cycle A’ boots up on a dark and ravey tip; it’s double-barrelled kickdrums and muted acid loops concocting a palpable feeling of paranoia. 

‘Cycle B’ pairs its doomy pads with militant drum programming and chopped vocals for a more full-bodied club cut, while the apocalyptic siren synths of ‘Cycle C’ make for a distinctly danceable but disquieting ambience.

On this cross-continental link-up, techno precision meets the epic grandeur of gaming soundtracks, as both producers venture further into avant-garde territories. It’s a perfect fit for Binary Algorithms’ Furatena catalogue, which specialises in retro-futuristic atmospheres and technological experiments in sound.

‘Dissolved Cycles’ is out 6th October via Furatena. Pre-order the EP here, and listen exclusively to ‘Cycle B’ below.