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Premiere: Bungalovv ‘Sharing Spells (ft. Avernian)’

Buenos Aires-born, Berlin-based artist Bungalovv steps up on Shanghai’s Genome6.66Mbp with a pandemic-era album of cinematic electronic experiments and tender vocal collaborations

a hazy photo of Bungalovv in a black baseball cap against a blue and green background

Bungalovv will release a new album, ‘Visited By Strangers’, via Shanghai’s Genome6.66Mbp label this month. Listen to ‘Sharing Spells (ft. Avernian)’. 

Where recent releases from the Argentinian producer, on labels such as Mexico City’s essential Infinite Machine, have been heady suites industrial techno, dembow and deconstructed club beats, decorated with dystopian soundscapes, heavily cloaked folk samples and organic percussion, these seven tracks take a more introspective turn. 

Produced during the pandemic, the album comprises four remote collaborations – with musicians Avernian and Efe Ce Ele and vocalists Catnapp and Okay Vivian – as well as field recordings sent from a friend spending lockdown on an Argentinian peninsula. Despite being composed at a time of isolation, this body work from the TRRUENO collective member is his most collaborative to date; the buzz of shared creativity crossing countries and continents lends the release a bittersweet timbre.

Trading thunderous beats for glitching sound designs and swirling melodic passages, the album is a tender, cinematic document of a time that has glady (broadly) passed. 

‘Visited By Strangers’ will be released on 31st March. Pre-order it here.