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Premiere: Coen ‘Pressure Roll’

Coen returns to Le Motel’s Maloca Records with eight tracks of tempo-surfing club percussion

Black and white photo of COEN wearing a white full-face mask and black hoodie in front of a wall covered in posters and stickers

Coen will release a new mini-album, ‘Slop, Drop & Roll’, via Le Motel’s Maloca Records this month. Listen to ‘Pressure Roll’ below. 

The London-via-Manchester producer’s new eight-track release follows his 2017’s ubiquitous percussive club heater ‘Yellah’ on Beating Heart and Maloca’s 2021 ‘Vol.1’ compilation. Created over the space of two years, the release rumbles with live-recorded drums of all sorts, with plumes of sub-bass, lashings of acid, and plinking mallet melodies propelled in myriad directions by the velocity of it all. 

Surfing tempos and timbres (watch out for the high-speed drum frenzies of ‘Tama’ and ‘Bodycheck’), with flourishes of UK funky, techno and Miami bass, it’s the sort of suite that’s so full of ‘floor switching rhythms it won’t leave a DJ’s record bag once it’s in there. Massive. 

‘Slop, Drop & Roll’ will be released on 21st March. Pre-order it here.