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Premiere: Evan Baggs ‘Ideas & Concepts’

Evan Baggs injects effortless analog funk into three cosmic techno and house cuts on the ‘No Illusion’ EP for Ryan Elliot’s Faith Beat, with a remix from DJ QU

Premiere: Evan Baggs ‘Ideas & Concepts’

Evan Baggs will release a new EP, ‘No Illusion’, via Ryan Elliot’s Faith Beat this week.

The Berlin-based, New York native delivers an effortlessly funk-filled three tracker of analog techno and house (tech… house?) here. Baggs has always used his tools to tastefully convey the power of this music in its purest state, and with subtle cosmic flourishes, vocal snippets and shards of acid and electro, he’s knocked it out of the park once again. As ever, intricate hi-hat patterns snap around tough, punchy grooves that feel attuned to the rhythms of your body. With a razor-sharp remix from DJ QU there as the cherry on top, this is some genuinely essential kit for any head’s record bag. 

Listen to ‘Ideas & Concepts’ below, ahead of the EP’s full release on Friday 25th March. Pre-order it here