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Eoin Murray
21 May 2024, 11:09

Premiere: FAFF & Submarine FM ‘Groove Is On’

Big Dyke Energy returns with a suite of breakbeat party-starters with a splash of playful ethereality

Cover art for FAFF & Submarine FM 'Final Fantasy'

The Big Dyke Energy label returns this month with an EP from founders FAFF alongside Submarine FM. Listen to ‘Groove Is On’ below.

Comprising two collaborative cuts and a solo track each, the ‘Final Fantasy’ EP taps into the ceiling-smacking rave NRG of FAFF’s sets, with an added splash of irreverent ethereality from Lyon’s Submarine FM, who delivered a deliciously silly speed garage edit of Britney Spears & Will​.​i​.​am’s ‘Scream & Shout’ on the label back in March. 

‘Groove Is On’ and ‘Heatstroke’ are breakbeat mood-shifters, packed with garage snap and zoomy plumes of sub-bass. There’s a dreamy sensuality to the former, with its blissed-out synth swells mingling over that oh-so iconic vocal sample: “Delicious, de-lovely, divine, de-gorgeous!”

The title track finds Submarine FM back on their hyperkinetic flex, its glittery hyperpop synths bouncing atop a sprinting beat. FAFF’s ‘The Dawn Of Break’ is more timeless bruk energy; a vibey set closer with anthemic vocal flairs and filter-surfing synth swerves. 

‘Final Fantasy’ will be released on 31st May. Pre-order it here.