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Eoin Murray
30 May 2024, 13:32

Premiere: Harba ‘Lakking’

Harba debuts on re:lax with four speaker-shaking, laser-zapping, vocal-chopping bass-techno hybrids

Premiere: Harba ‘Lakking’

London’s re:lax label will release the debut EP from Harba, ‘Despair’,  in June. Listen to ‘Lakking’ below. 

Maybe it’s all the Vitamin D talking, but this four-tracker for re:ni and Laksa’s imprint feels destined to switch the mood up in many a sun-baked festival slot this summer. Glitchy vocal chops, lashings of speaker-shaking low-end, and laser-like synth zaps whirl over pacey 140 BPM beats. From the psychedelic bass sizzle of ‘Transforma’ through the full-pelt techno headrush of ‘Waggle’ and ‘Lakking’ into the drum-surfing sine waves of the title track, it’ll delight fans of Pangaea, Pariah and Verraco. 

The release follows last year’s ‘Isle Of Crass’ EP by Jurango and the label founders’ own ‘PRECIOUS ARTEFACTS’ and ‘Body Score’ EPs.

The celebrate the release of ‘Despair’, re:lax will host a launch party on 14th June in London’s Ormside Projects, with sets from Harba himself as well as Bake, re:ni b2b Laksa. Farda P will host the event. Get your tickets here.

‘Despair’ will be released on 14th June. Pre-order it here.